Musical, Animation
8 minutes, 15 seconds 
Rejection may burn, but passions rage higher.
A playwright writes the perfect script but gets rejected by big-time producers. The writer must find a way to overcome the rejection by producing her play on her own in a small-but-mighty way.
When developing my film, I wanted to write a story about an artist as it's a topic I can write about genuinely. At first, I struggled with the idea of using a female protagonist. I had not written many in the past because I always felt pressured to produce films that appealed to my male classmates in film school. For some reason, I felt awkward about using female protagonists as if there was something wrong with embracing femininity (not to mention feminism) among my peers. Why was I proud to be a woman but scared to talk about being one in my films? I needed to create this project to share my perspective as an artist and as a woman; I needed to do a project for myself.
- Gemma Eva​​​​​​​

BIG LITTLE SHOW Trailer (2021)

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